About Us

Windward Music is a small music store selling reasonably priced quality used, new, and custom instruments, and accessories including select new and used, amplifiers, effects, percussion and accessories. We can take care of most repair needs and can even help you find someone to help you make progress with learning your instrument!

We are an official dealer of D'Addario (Evans, ProMark, Puresound, Kaplan, Planet Waves), SKB Cases, EMG Pickups, Hipshot Products, Epic Custom Pickups, Gator Cases, and many others.

What is going on?

2020 was a challenging year - COVID-19 blocked access to the shop that Sean was using for acoustic guitar and bass builds. Shifting gears, Sean started to produce electric basses using locally sourced hardwoods in his garage. The "COVID Bass Collection" is the result - roughly based on Gibson's Les Paul and "ES" models, four variants came into being.

Working from a pole barn was not a long term solution, and COVID does not seem to be going away soon, so the decision was made to find a dedicated workshop.  This resulted in the beginning of Windward Music, a workshop and small retail location in downtown Canton, NY.  

2021 found Sean is working full-time on instrument repairs as well as new guitar and bass builds including a "OOO" size acoustic and headless stratocaster/Spector basses.  BUT - everything was thrown for a loop as a cancer diagnosis came in and treatment and recovery enveloped the rest of the year.

2022 has Sean back in the shop, catching up on the repair backlog and the shop is now open regular hours and respecting NYS COVID restrictions.  Sean is working on a number of new acoustic guitars along with some interesting 6 string bass designs.  Feel free to stop by with your instruments - appointments are encouraged, but not required.

About Sean

Sean has been working in various aspects of the music industry for over 35 years.  As a teenager, Sean started working at Canton Music & Video selling and setting up guitars and musical gear, then played in various bands in Canada, Northern New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. In addition to performing, Sean engineered live sound for regional and international performers.  He was the Information Technology Director for Cakewalk/12 tone systems in Boston, MA for about 3 years.

After attending Bishop's College School in Quebec, Sean received his B.A. in Music from St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, and then pursued a second Bachelor of Music degree at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA with a dual focus on Music Business and Music Production & Engineering.

After many years working on electric instruments, Sean was fortunate to meet and learn the joys of acoustic guitar building from former Martin Guitars inlay artist, Tracy Cox, whose shop is currently located in Parishville, NY.